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Milwaukee Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute (WAI) is developing a Milwaukee Community Advisory Board (CAB) composed of interested residents and healthcare providers in the Milwaukee African-American community. The purpose of the CAB is to strengthen the ties between research and lay communities in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. We believe that the CAB is essential for the WAI Milwaukee Project to become part of the community and to satisfy unmet needs.




  • Provide a voice for the African-American community in the clinical and research activities of the WAI and Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC).
  • Counsel the research team on outreach and recruitment strategies that are culturally sensitive.
  • Identify and address barriers to research participation by minority persons.
  • Support the recruitment and retention of research subjects.
  • Become a conduit for supporting Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) in the community.



  • Become familiar with the research mission and goals of the WAI and Wisconsin ADRC.
  • Review and comment on print, video and other materials used for community education, outreach and research recruitment.
  • Assist the Minority Recruitment Satellite Program (MRSP) by developing recruitment materials for sensitive topics such as genetic studies, lumbar puncture and brain donation.
  • Support research by identifying needed areas of research and gaps in services for minority elders in Milwaukee.
  • Become a community ambassador and advocate for Alzheimer's disease to eliminate health disparities for minority elders in Milwaukee.
  • Help researchers gain and maintain access to elders and families for research, and provide on-going strategies for building community relations to enhance research in the African-American community.


Membership Information:


Skills and Qualification

Milwaukee CAB Members must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Have experience working or volunteering in the Milwaukee community.
  • Have a sincere desire to learn about and advocate for improved health outcomes for minority elders in Milwaukee.
  • Use expertise to assist in the development and growth of the CAB.
  • Advocate on behalf of those with Alzheimer's disease.
  • Learn about and help promote research in Milwaukee's African-American community.


WAI staff will provide three modules of training for CAB members to increase knowledge and understanding in the following three areas: Alzheimer's disease, research and community engagement. This training will be ongoing as the need arises.


Primary Responsibility

Serve as a community liaison and ambassador for Alzheimer's disease research in the Milwaukee area.


Time Commitment

  • One meeting per month for consumers and advocates.
  • One meeting per quarter for community-based organizations.
  • Participation in community events as requested by WAI staff.


A $50 stipend will be provided to consumers and advocates for participation.



For More Information:

For more information on the Milwaukee CAB, please contact Gina Green Harris at 414-219-5083 or email




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