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Did You Know…

Communities of color are at higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s and other Dementias? African-Americans are nearly two times more likely and Hispanics one and one-half times more likely to not only develop the disease more than white Americans, but use substantially more hospital, physician and home-health care while incurring significantly higher costs for those services. Despite this information, communities of color continue to be under-diagnosed and under-represented in health initiatives studying this disease.


Recognizing the emerging public health crisis Alzheimer's disease poses on African-American, Hispanic communities and other communities of color, the Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute (WAI), with the support of Bader Philanthropies (formerly the Helen Bader Foundation) and the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, developed an outreach program in the city of Milwaukee. The program was established in 2008, using principles of grassroots community engagement and capital investment. From the onset, the program incorporated asset based community development strategies to increase the community’s infrastructure and capacity to improve services and care options for people living with various types of dementia and their families. [read more]


One of our programs, The Amazing Grace Chorus, has not only changed the life of its wonderful members, but also those who have been fortunate enough to see them perform. See video below.



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