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Wisconsin Idea Seminar Brings UW to State (2/1/18,





Alzheimer's Group Spreads Holiday Cheer Through Choir Performance (12/16/17,


'Amazing Grace' Chorus Members Take a Vacation from Alzheimer's with Singing (12/14/17,


UW: A Hub for Alzheimer's Research and Support (Brava Magazine, November 2017 issue, page 62-63)


Hearing loss could pose greater risk of potential dementia in later life – study (7/17/17, the


New And Expanded Risk Factors For Cognitive Decline And Alzheimer's Disease (7/17/17,


Stress And Poverty May Explain High Rates Of Dementia In African-Americans (7/16/17, NPR)


Stressful life experience can 'age your brain', research suggests (7/17/17, yahoo news UK)


Stress of poverty, racism raise risk of Alzheimer’s for African Americans, new research suggests (7/17/17, Washington Post)


African Americans are the most at risk for developing Alzheimer's, study finds (7/17/17,


Study indicates link between poor sleep, increased risk of Alzheimer's (7/17/17,


Hearing loss, diminished verbal fluency and hospitalizations can signal cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease, studies find (7/17/17, Washington Post)


Hearing is Believing: Speech May Be a Clue to Mental Decline (7/17/17 ABC news)


How Exercise May Protect the Brain from Alzheimer's Disease (6/26/17, TIME Magazine)


Alzheimer's Disease Study Links Brain Health and Physical Activity (6/21/17, Journal of Alzheimer's Disease)




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