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  • MADISON: Rachel Weinberg
    Phone: 608-263-2854
    Toll-free: 1-800-417-4169

  • LA CROSSE: Carolyn Flock
    Phone: 608-392-7187
    Toll-free: 1-800-362-5454, ext. 27187

  • MILWAUKEE: Celena Ramsey
    Phone: 414-219-7911

Participation in WRAP

Participation in WRAP includes an initial study visit and follow-up visits every 2 years. At each visit, study volunteers are asked to:

  • Complete a series of questionnaires.
  • Have their height, weight and vital signs measured.
  • Complete cognitive tests to check memory and other cognitive skills.
  • Give a blood sample for laboratory testing.
  • Provide stored blood samples for use in future analyses.
  • Complete a brief medical exam with a trained clinician.
  • Optional procedure to collect valuable Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF). 

Please note: WRAP is currently only recruiting individuals of minority backgrounds and those who already have a parent or blood relative who is a WRAP participant.


For More Information
For further information, please contact us at the site nearest you (listed below) and/or read more on WRAP: Frequently Asked Questions.

Madison site:

Rachel Weinberg,, 1-800-417-4169 or 608-263-2854


La Crosse site:

Carolyn Flock,, 1-800-362-5454, ext. 27187 or locally 608-392-7187


Milwaukee site:

Celena Ramsey,, 414-219-7911

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